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This text contains TF and/or TG as well as mild sexual scenes and bad language
So if you don't like any of the above, go find something else to read

Made by:

The TGF Writer

Ever wondered about what you needed to become something else in life?

You know, like becoming a soldier, salesman, pilot, astronaut... those kind of stuff.

Most times you'd think that things such as skill, perseverance, work, effort and luck are needed, right?

Well, there are other cases, in which you need none.

Sometimes, all you need is to be in the right place, at the wrong time.

And that alone can change your life forever.

In my case, that place was none other than the back seat of a bus, the same bus I've been taking for the past year to go to school.

Every morning, I'd wake up at five in the morning, brush my teeth, comb my short brown hair, wash my face, take a shower, eat breakfast and go out to wait for the bus from five to ten minutes.

Then I'd take the bus, and, hour and a half latter, I'd come down to go to school.

Pretty lame to be on a bus almost two hours just to get to school, but it was the only one my parents could afford, the nearest one too.

As I was saying, that day I woke up rather tired, so I wanted to get some extra sleep on the way to school.

Since the last row of seats was empty, I comfortably laid there and programed my mobile phone to wake me up within an hour, so I'd still have half an hour as a back up, in case I didn't wake up right away.

Dunno what happened, but I woke up as the bus came to a screeching halt, and I was thrown to the floor.

Waking up with a startle, and a rather painful bump in the head, I sat and looked around to find that there were three things that were off place as the bus began to move again.

The first was that the landscape seemed to be someplace at the outsides of the city, with a couple dead trees here and there, and some small houses nearby, but the bus was moving, so I couldn't quite pin down my current location.

The second was that there were other creatures aside from humans inside the bus.

The reason as to why I use the term creatures is because I don't have the slightest clue as to what they were.

Well, there were two normal humans, the first was a young man around his middle twenties, with no hair on his head whatsoever, and a skin so dark that it even had a hint of blue, and he was the one driving at the moment.

The second was a girl, almost nine years younger than me, most likely around ten years in age; she had long silver hair that almost reached her ankles, and a skin so white I think that snow couldn't compare.

But what I was talking about when I said creature, I was talking about the other three passengers.

The first was some sort of dog, I'm not sure, it was almost as big as a pony, its fur was a deep leafy green, and rather than normal fur, I could have sworn it was grass or something like that.

The second was a snake, dunno the species, but it was almost twenty feet long, all curled up in a corner; what made it different from other snakes aside from the size, was that it's entire body was almost transparent, as if it was made out of blue glass, or sapphire to be more precise.

The third one was a flaming cat.

I'm not joking, it was a cat the size of a large dog, with an orange fur that seemed entirely made out of flames all around it.

Either way, all five of them were looking in front of the bus, as if concerned about something, so I wasn't even sure they knew I was there, or if "here" was real to begin with.

I managed to take a one step before all five of them realized I was in the bus.

The first one to move was the wolf, and before I could even say *What?* I found myself flat on my back, the heavy paws of the creature was pinning me to the ground, and its extremely sharp white fangs were snarling no more than a couple inches from my face.

"What do we have here?" said someone, I guessed it was the black dude since it was a male's voice. "Where is your Claimer, boy?"

"Claimer?" was actually the first word that left my mouth, I couldn't believe I didn't say something along the lines of *What the fuck is going on?*.

"The kid's clean." said a girly voice, my guess was it was from the silver haired one. "Most likely he was asleep when we emptied the bus."

"Um... excuse me?" I dared to speak, even when the hot breath of the wolf was in my face, and it was so close I could have counted its fangs without missing a single one. "Am I dead or something?"

"That's a new one." the voice took me by surprise, it came from none other than the wolf as it chuckled, taking its paw off of me. "Sadly, no, yer not dead."

"Yet." I turned my head to look at the flaming cat as I sat down, trying to believe what my eyes were seeing.

"You must be a really unlucky one to be here right now." laughed the black one. "Well kid, what's your name?"

"Charlie...." I replied, my eyes were still fully open, the shock was a bit too strong at the time, I was still having a hard time believing anything of what was happening.

"Well Chuck, I'm sorry to say we are a bit in of a tight situation at the moment." the black guy laughed. "So I suggest you remain seated and keep your hands and legs inside the bus at all times."

"Who are you?" I asked as I stared at them. "Rather, what are you?"

"I'm Bob, and she's Trisha." said the dark dude as he pointed at himself and the girl. "I'd say we're as human as you are, but I'm guessing you wouldn't believe me." while still driving, he made a vague gesture with his free hand, as if drawing a circle in the air. "The wolf's Geo, the snake is Light and the cat's Seika."

"Tiger, not cat." spoke Seika as it jumped to the seat in front of mine and eyed me with its intense red eyes. "If you're wondering what we are, then welcome to the club."

"We're usually called Claimers." interrupted the wolf as he also looked at me as if I were some sort of interesting piece of art. "Not even we know where we come from or what is it we're supposed to do." it sighed, as if frustrated. "Yet humans seem extremely interested in our existence."

"Who wouldn't?" I muttered to myself, but the glares from all three creatures made me guess that they heard me.

"Let me guess..." the snake... Light, interrupted. "You're about to ask about what we're doing here, right?"

"Yeah..." I tried to seem casual, despite the extremely odd situation.

"As of now, we're running away." Bob commented with a short laugh. "So you'll have to excuse us if we can't drop you someplace safe as of yet."

"Why did you have to take a bus?" I wondered. "Wouldn't it have been easier to take some random car or pickup truck?"

"The situation didn't give us much to pick from." Bob muttered as he sighed. "It was either this bus, or all of us crammed in some random car." he shook his head. "And I guarantee you, you don't wanna be cramped in a place with Seika, you tend to get burned with her fur."

"Why's that?" I asked as I passed my hand over the flaming oversized kitty. "It doesn't even feel warm." I muttered as I realized there was no hot air above the flames.

"Really?" the cat suddenly leaped at me, as if attempting to ram me on the chest.

I flinched, but as I opened my eyes, I found the cat next to me, seemingly astonished of the fact it could put its flaming paw onto my leg and not burn me.

"Perhaps..." Seika began to say.

"Oh shit!" I heard the scream coming from Bob.

I turned my head to look in front of us, and found nothing more than the road was blocked by a strangely thick fallen tree trunk.

In a fraction of a second, the bus impacted against the tree, and everything slowed down.

The whole bus was flipping over, I was thrown out of my chair, everyone was trashed from one side to the other, bits of dirt, garbage, glass and other stuff flew from one side to the other of the insides of the bus.

Yet it all moved so slowly, it almost felt as if time itself had stopped.

I looked at Bob and Trisha, who despite the slow black and white movement of the crash, had somehow managed to get near Geo and Lightning respectively.

In a bright flash of light, and not even a full second after the bus had begun to crash, I saw something that's been burned into my very core, I'll never forget it.

The green wolf, Geo, emitted an intense green light as it dissolved into nothingness while going through Bob's body; immediately after the wolf had disappeared, I noticed Bob was changing.

Dark green grass sprouted out of his head, and it soon lengthened and thickened, turning into deep brown vines, and small deep green leafs began to grow from the vines moments after, as if creating a long mane that almost reached his knees; his face stretched forward as a short light green grass began to take over his whole body, ears poked out of the top of the leafy hair, and his body began to grow.

A tail sprouted out of his back, his hands were surrounded by light brown tree bark as they became claws, his legs snapped and distorted as they took a more animal form, his face almost fully becoming that of a wolf.

As a final change, his grass covered skin oozed tree bark out of the shoulders, elbows, knees, torso and several other places, creating some sort of natural armor around his body.

Trisha on the other hand, once Light had vanished into her, her skin became even paler, and soon it was transparent as her body seemed to be made out of the same glass Light was.

Her legs fused together and lengthened, turning into a long snake-like tail, her figure became slimmer as she somehow seemed to mature, her long hair shortened until it was almost at level with her shoulders, turning into the same glassy substance her body was made out of.

Her young girly face began to slightly stretch outward as it became more like that of a snake, fangs replacing teeth while the remaining of her hair vanished entirely while her nails grew twice in length, becoming razor sharp and most likely deadly.

The last changes took place, and her human frame grew as her tail finished lengthening to an astonishing thirty feet, the shape of rough scales covering most of her human frame, becoming like an armor as well.

All of this took place in no more than a blink of an eye, the tumbling bus hadn't even landed yet.

Trisha moved at blinding speed, and before I could realize it, she was grabbing me and the cat; and with one swift movement of her long tail, the bus was split in two, allowing all of us to exit it before it crashed a couple dozen feet behind us.

"You ok?" she asked with a mature voice, though she didn't harm me, her iron grip felt as if a statue was holding me, and now that I was closer, I managed to realize she had somehow matured to her late twenties. "Stay here."

She dropped me besides Seika as I managed to take a look around.

We weren't alone.

Not by a long shot.

There were at least three dozen men dressed in black with helmets, armed with semiautomatic weapons all aimed at us; the only thing missing was "S.W.A.T." on their bullet proof vests.

"Kid, take cover." I heard Bob say as his part-wolf form became tense, his hair moving and twitching as if it had a life of its own.

I quickly moved to place my back against the fallen tree, hoping it would prove to be of some cover.

"You are surrounded, surrender now!" a voice claimed somewhere behind the armed men. "Dislodge and we won't harm you."

"Hey boy." I looked at Seika. "This is going to get real messy, I can't guarantee you'll survive." it kept looking at me as it sat in front of me, staring at my heavy breathing and nervousness.

"Why don't you transform too?" I wondered out loud, my hands were shaking madly, I'm guessing my face had lost all color as well.

"I need a vessel for that." Seika sighed as it stared at me again. "What would you say if I made a deal with you?" I don't know how, but the whole world seemed to be reduced to that flaming cat and I, everything else didn't matter. "Let me become your Claimer, and I guarantee you'll survive today."

"What?" I would have jumped if it weren't because I didn't want to risk being shot. "And turn into one of those... those things?" I claimed as I pointed at Bob and Trisha. "I'm just a normal high-school student... what can I do to survive this?"

"Brat, here's a piece of news, ye aint normal." Bob muttered from where he stood, growling at the soldiers. "If ye were, Seika's flames would have burnt you."

"So either they kill you, or turn you into a lab-rat." Trisha muttered with a hint of bitterness. "And you don't want either."

"You in or not?" Seika snapped, interrupting my shock and stutter.

"I..." I was unsure, I felt confused and fearful.

"Think fast!" Seika snapped.

"I guess this can't get any weirder." I finally stated with a sigh, trying to relax myself. "Agreed."

I didn't even have the time to react as the fiery creature went into my chest and vanished in a soft orange light.

Immediately, an intense warmth spread over my whole body, a fiery force that burned itself into every fiber of my being.

My very being began to change before I even realized it.

Orange fire burst forth from my chest, and like a disease spreading all around me, it covered every inch of skin and hair.

Yet it did not burn nor did it feel painful, rather, it felt as if it were some sort of soft and warm fur; under it, every bone and muscle was being crushed to much and regenerated in a whole new shape and size.

But I didn't move, the warmth was too strong and soothing for me to even fight any one of those changes, it felt like being inside a cozy bed on a cold winter day, I just wanted to bask in the heat and let it all happen.

Then, black flames began to appear all around me, forming stripes all over my body, imitating those of a tiger.

My skull cracked painlessly as my face stretched forward, turning into a cat-like muzzle while my ears became triangular, taking their new place at the top of my head, my teeth increased in number as they became razor sharp fangs while my eyes became a blazing yellow.

My hands and feet were covered in light orange flames as they turned into claws, claws I was sure could cut through any metal with ease.

A tingle ran down my spine, and before I could realize it, a tail sprouted forth, a tail covered with that same orange and black flames.

Feet stretched, my legs deformed, my knees snapped and reshaped, turning into something similar to what Bob had as legs, something that forced me to walk on tip toes as it seemed almost entirely animal in comparison to the rest of my body.

The last changes took place as a soft white flame appeared around my body, covering my shoulders, wrists and ankles, creating a blazing armor.

A wild and overflowing roar escaped me as the power coursed through my veins like molten lava; I felt I was invincible, a force of nature that nothing could stop, there wasn't anything in this world that could even wound me.

I looked down at myself for a second, noticing how much power my form emanated; I had the feeling this form was as normal as if i had been using it all my life, as if nothing were wrong with what was going on, and that all changes had been for the better.

"At last you're done." Bob sighed. "Welcome to the team."

"Can I take care of them?" I asked, feeling those words as my own, as if Bob and Trisha had been *buddies* all my life. "I think I still gotta get used to this new form."

"Sure, go ahead." Bob laughed. "Just make sure not to burn the whole place down."

A laugh escaped me, it felt as if I had done this thousands of times, as if it were something as normal as crossing the street or eating lunch.

I latter learnt that, while Vessel and Claimer were fused, their minds, hearts and souls turned into one.

So as you might guess, when we separated, I was freaked out.

But it was just the beginning.

There was now a long road waiting in front of me.

A very hard one at that.

If I ever had the chance to change something from my past.

I think I'd leave it as it is.
I feel like I'm missing something here, but this is it; maybe I'll improve it latter on.

I had planned to upload another one of "diary" but I couldn't finish it on time.

I've got a tight schedule for the moment, and I can't really say I've got a hold over what little stuff I come up with, but I'm trying to continue with my series and commissions.

Be patient, right now I'm in very deep shit; not only is my internet connection screwed-up most of the time, but I've got a helluva load of works and exams for the next three weeks.

So until then, I seriously doubt I'll be able to freely write anything.
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Excellent storytelling. The tf parts are less fluent and quite boring ; the rest is extremely catchy though. Nice story overall.
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I like this one...reminds me of something I'd come up with once but not's very good none the less
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Hehe, a mix of Digimon and Power Ranger =p

I like the Idea, you just need to settle it and you could show it to a productor, you never know what could happen ;)
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good job
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nice this is awesome you should see if you could turn it into a series or make a sequel
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interesting, good luck on your finals, be sure to do well
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