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#1: happy-go-lucky, stupid and blunt is the mold for most protagonists of successful anime/manga series.

#2: almost all the personalities of the characters in a series are a copy of characters that have the same role in some other series.

#3: all protagonists are virgins; if not, they're older than twenty three and like drinking and smoking.

#4: unless the above rule says otherwise, all protagonists are younger than twenty.

#5: a bad guy will always say their ultimate master-plan when about to be utterly defeated.

#6: animals that can transform tend to turn into sexy females.

#7: there's a high chance there's a character that adds the same word at the end of every phrase.

#8: gender-bent characters are sexy, handsome/beautiful or overall pretty.



  #1: if she is sexy and mature, she's between 13 and 16.

  #2: if she's childish, underdeveloped and small, she's around her mid twenties.


  #1: the only way for him to be older than nineteen is that he drinks, is not a virgin or is a teacher.

  #2: in 90% of the cases, the protagonist is around the ages of 15 and 17.

In manga/anime...:

#1: ...teachers are either stupid, aggressive or kind.

#2: ...parents are as useful as a snorkel in the dessert; they come in handy in extremely rare occasions.

#3: ...cousins are either in love with the protagonist, or treat him like a younger brother.

#4: ...siblings are most likely to be female.

#5:...the relationship between male brothers is usually a violent one.

#6:...father-son relationship comes with fights.

#7:...bad cooking mothers are violent ones.

#8:..parents help the situation to get worse.


#1: scientist characters usually force protagonist into wacky and humorous situations.

#2: wacky scientists tend to be the smartest ones.

#3: any invention is either useless until the very last second, or extremely useful.

#4: if a gadget appears in more than three chapters, it'll appear during the whole arch or series.

#5: a destroyed invention is never rebuilt, but improved.

#6: scientists will always have a lab of their own.

#7: crazy scientists are likely to attempt experimenting on the protagonist.


#1: a tsundere's one sided love is as rare as a smart protagonist.

#2: only bad guys die for love; in case a good guy dies for love, loved one is likely to die with him.

#3: never underestimate the power of a protagonists indecisiveness.

#4: being blunt to the love of other characters is a protagonists strongest point.

#5: if bad guy falls in love, it's gonna be one-sided.

#6: bad luck in love is just the protagonists delusion.

#7: the only ones who show their love openly to everyone are males, and they get beaten because of it.

#8: if protagonist falls in love with his sister, it is latter revealed she isn't his sister.


#1: if a boob/ass/pantie... is revealed, named part will be showed again.

#2: there's always a girl who likes to grab another girls boobs from behind.

#3: all protagonists will peek, be it accidental or not.

#4: if she's hot, she's either shy, spicy, proud or tomboyish.

#5: a protagonist can't be masochist unless the series is mainly humor.

#6: a character that admits being a pervert is because they're in an all new level of perversion.


#1: all female aliens wear clothes that're either very revealing or very tight.

#2: in case of not wearing such clothes, then they have a battle suit that fulfills named requirements.

#3: it doesn't matter if they don't know how it works, if protagonist comes in contact with alien weaponry, they can use it better than aliens themselves.

#4: if a misunderstanding can bring forth a funny situation, it will happen.

#5: most aliens don't mind nude.

#6: aliens that don't seem human are the most likely to be killed.

#7: alien protagonist doesn't know he's alien unless he's come to Earth with a mission.

Androids and robots:

#1: the more human they seem, the more likely it is someone will fall in love with it.

#2: regardless of what most of the characters believe, the protagonist will always think robots to have a soul.

#3: an android is never allowed to show human emotions until they enter in contact with the protagonist.

#4: a fighter android will always have a beam attack of sorts.

#5: if the android/robot can talk, they must say *master* at least once for every arch.

#6: a robot will reveal an all new function that perfectly fits with the needs of the situation.

#7: if it's not known if it's an android or not, it's a ciborg.


#1: the more beautiful they are, the more likely they are to be either stupid, proud or narcissist.

#2: pretty boys always fall in love with either themselves or another boy.

#3: if not, they are not human.

#4: pretty girls are never the ones the protagonist falls in love with.

#5: if they're pretty, it's very likely they're rich as well.

#6: bullies that're pretty don't give a rats ass about girls.

#7: someone that's pretty and strong can only be the protagonist.

#8: being pretty almost ensures you'll be the source of laughter in many occasions.

#9: if there's a pretty tsundere, there's a masochist.


#1: the odder the characters personality, the stronger they are.

#2 also known as *the strength of silence* : a character that barely talks is either very strong, or very weak.

#3: a warriors strength is inversely proportional to how strong they seem to be.

#4: the dumber they are, the stronger they hit.

#5: all fighters are allowed to have up to two fighting stiles; the second being a *trump card* in case of defeat.

#6: any fighter with more than two fighting stiles is too weak to be taken seriously.

#7: the larger they are, the more epic or humorous is their defeat.

#8: guns don't need reloads, and if the do, named reloads don't have a volume.


#1: a kind boss is either a back-stabber or is going to be a good guy.

#2: bosses on the good side usually have a very strange behavior.

#3: every boss has a sexy assistant.

#4: sexy assistant is as strict as the boss is loose.

#5: bosses are not allowed to fall in love with assistant.

#6: the assistant is allowed to use physical punishment on the boss.

#7: bosses always have a back-up plan that will fail as well.

#8: if assistant is as cold and serious as a robot, she will be the bosses strongest warrior.


#1: regardless of the level, the more minions you fight against at the same time, the easier it is to finish them off.

#2: any energy wasted or wound gained during a fight with a minion is not taken into consideration when going against the boss.

#3: minions with ambition either betray the boss and take their place, or are killed before they can accomplish anything.

#4: minions that talk with the protagonist in any non-battle situation are most likely going to join him or get killed before they get the chance.

#5: minions that stab in the back are more likely to become bosses.

#6: funny minions have a greater chance of surviving the war.

#7: funny minions are most likely the weakest.


#1: there will always be fandom about it, no exceptions.

#2: there will always be fandom of random couples, even more if said couples are of the said gender.

#3: the more they hate one another, there will be more fandom of them being together.

#4: there is no such thing as one sided love in fandom.

#5: the prettier they are, the more likely they'll be homosexual in fandom.

#6: humorous situations in fandom almost always relate to *not showed* things on the series.

#7: fandom stories either involve mountains of love and romance, or action and humor.

#8: if a fandom includes an OC, it's about a deep love between named OC and a character of the fandom.
Part 2 of a set of rules for Manga/anime.

Made it since I had left out so many rules on the last one.


part 1 [link]
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